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KBEY, Coquille, Oregon Studios
KBEY, Coquille, Oregon  Studios

This is an interior shot of the "Studios" of KBEY in Coquille, Oregon.  The reason the word studios is in quotation marks is it wasn't really a studio.  It was a bomb shelter at the very back of the building that they made into a studio.  Concrete walls covered with ceiling tile.  The air staff tried to give it a personal touch, adding furniture, lamps etc.  We called it STUDIO 980 because we spent $9.80 at yard sales buying furniture and other things to dress the place up.  I only had 2 reel to reel players, a couple of cart machines and the modulation meter to keep me company.  Rick Dancer was my morning partner then.  He went on to be an anchor for KEZI TV in Eugene, Oregon.  We never saw each other in the mornings while we were on the air.  Quite an unusual set up.

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